In 1983, Cynthia Wein Lett started Creative Planning International as the first independent meeting planning organization in the United States.  She was also the  youngest and first woman independent meeting planner at the time.

Up until CPI started, meeting planning was part of the job description of secretaries and administrators within organizations.  It was not believed that these functions could be performed by outside consultants but Cynthia proved the industry wrong.

The company’s first clients were AT&T, Eli Lilly International, Duracell International and Sperry Corporation.  Shortly after opening their doors, Dow Jones and Company asked Creative Planning International to plan a two country sales meeting for 120 sales professionals at the Wall Street Journal.  Thus CPI became the first international meeting planning organization in the USA.

Since that beginning, CPI has planned over 2,500 meetings in 103 countries for over 200,000 participants.

We have learned the importance of international protocol and business etiquette in our experiences and have made it a point to teach our participants these skills when doing business.

Creative Planning International has exchanged its focus of planning the logistics of international meetings to the education of the participants for their ultimate success.  We have evolved The Lett Group ( http://www.lettgroup.com), a division of Creative Planning International, Inc., into one of the most respected and wide reaching etiquette and protocol training companies in the world today.  We hope you will visit and engage our experts to assist with your business goals.

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